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Studer NeXT3

Studer NeXT3

The high-power three-phase hybrid inverter (16kVA) integrating two MPPT trackers for demanding hybrid applications or isolated sites.


  • All in one, compact and versatile, space saving and easy installation.
  • 16000VA of continuous three-phase power, individual phase balancing.
  • Peak shaving function.
  • Efficient consumption of 45W in operation.
  • Two AC outputs, one of which can be controlled (ACFlex).
  • 2x MPPT trackers (900VDC), up to 16 kWp of solar panels.
  • Use in isolated site or off-grid.
  • Dimensions: 320x450x760mm, IP30. Weight: 60 Kg.
  • 100% Swiss made, 12 year warranty.
  • Smart energy management with AI models
  • Works with CANBUS lithium-ion batteries.

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Studer NEXT3



The Studer Next3 three-phase hybrid inverter is the powerful new player for off-grid, on-grid and hybrid installations. A 16 kW three-phase inverter-charger with 2 built-in 8 + 8 KW high voltage solar MPPT inputs.



All-in-one with 2x 900V MPPT chargers, for easy installation and controlled space.

The next3 integrates 2 latest generation high voltage MPPT inputs for an integrated solar power of 16 KW. Solar and transfer modules are optional. Thus, a NEXT3 can replace up to 6x devices of a typical hybrid installation (3x inverter-chargers, + 3x DC MPPT VS-70 chargers for example).

Studer NEXT3






The single AC flex interface can be configured as a second source or an additional controlled load.


Compatible with 48V lithium battery technologies


The next3 is compatible with almost all 48V battery technologies. An integrated CAN-BMS interface ensures a plug and play solution with communicating lithium batteries.


Example opposite: NEXT3 Studer system with Zenaji Aeon (LTO) batteries


Fully interactive grid inverter


Including an AC source with a double disconnection relay with the network. This entry complies with new grid related regulations in the EU and other regions.


New improved smart boost function


The Smart Boost2 function makes it possible to adapt to the limits of the source with the battery in the most versatile way, for example by facilitating phase balancing or peak clipping.


A unique solution for distributed electrification


Innovative modular combination of equipment, up to 3 units in parallel. And for the first time, it is also possible to combine multi-unit and multi-battery systems using external transfer, even allowing different battery technologies, and increasing versatility with centralized management.


Interface next, the new gateway to the next ecosystem thanks to nextOS


The next interface is the new gateway to the next ecosystem thanks to nextOS, an intelligent and intuitive platform to configure, control and analyze your system. It makes life easier for professional installers and end users.


Compact for easy installation


Installation and wiring has never been easier, with one device replacing up to 6 devices in a typical installation.


Power Flow Dispatcher, the brain of the whole system


System oriented, the new energy flow distributor centralizes the energy management of the entire system in an integrated manner.





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