Témoignage d’un utilisateur de batteries Nickel-Fer fabriquées dans les années 1940.

Témoignage d’un utilisateur Américain ayant acheté en 1978 un set de batteries Nickel-Fer originales Edison, qui furent fabriquées en 1940. Aprés un changement de l’électrolyte, elles furent mises en service et bien que la capacité fut grandement diminuée, elles demeurent fonctionnelles, étonnant quand on sait qu’elles ont plus de 75 ans derrière elles…
“I bought a set of Edison NiFe batteries from a rancher in Nebraska ~ 1978. He told me he bought them used in the 1940’s from Europe. I intended to charge them with a wind powered generator but ended up using a different set of Edisons from another source. When I moved from Pennsylvania to Arizona, I may have drained them for the move but don’t recall for sure. They sat on a shelf until last fall when I decided to try them out using solar panels as a charge source. No electrolyte was visible by looking down the fill hole. They were rinsed until clear and refilled with new electrolyte. Each one was charged individually with a regulated power source and load tested with a home made set of load resistors. The new rating on this set is 375 AH. They are now over 75 years old. Initial testing revealed they currently have similar characteristics of a ChangHong NF 100-S which is rated at 100 AH. They have been in service for nearly 5 months now. I will be load testing the bank soon to see what the performance is having been through many charge/discharge cycles.”

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