"Today, population levels depend entirely on fossil fuels and industrial agriculture. "
Joseph Tainter

The advantages of Ni-Fe batteries

With a century of retreat, NiFe batteries remain today the most mature and durable stationary storage system on the market.

The highest durability. A shelf life of several decades.
Very good resistance to limit conditions (overloads, deep discharges, short circuiting)
Contains no strategic metals (lithium) or heavy or toxic metals (lead, cadmium).
Alkaline electrolyte based on water and potash (KOH).
Thermal stability at 100%. No harmful gases emanate.
10000 cycles to 30% DoD.


To guide you step by step through the jungle energy storage systems and help you make the best technical and economical choice.

Our guarantees

Warranty Agreement

Opting for a battery-based storage solution is an important investment. This is why we guarantee all of our Nickel Iron 10 batteries.

Design assistance

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We specialize in off-grid sites, we can provide you with a dimensioning and an overall technical validation, according to your specifications (configuration of the site, storage capacity, objectives and constraints, material choices, budget).

Systems and installations

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Re-commissioning of batteries over 85 years
Document describing the return to service of Nickel-Iron batteries that have been stored for more than 80 years.
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NiFe battery data
Extracts from the technical work referring to the industry, the "Handbook of Batteries". For the purists!
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Reconditioned NiFe batteries
Testimony of a user in the USA who used for his system off-grid NiFe batteries aged 20 years.
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1940 rechargeable NiFe batteries
User in the USA who acquired a set of Nickel-Iron Edison batteries that were manufactured in the 1940 years.
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