Custom self-sufficient solar systems, covering all types of power and capacity needs, for partial or total autonomy, with a range of batteries unique in Europe.

Plug n play self-sufficient solar systems.

SUNCONNECT self-sufficient solar system

Our self-sufficient solar systems (SSA) SUN.CONNECT® plug n play meet all types of electrical needs in total autonomy (isolated sites) or partial (hybrid) in single-phase (up to 10 kVA) and three-phase (up to 24 kVA). They are available as skids or pre-wired cabinets, for easy deployment.

Quick and secure installation (plug n play)

Tailor-made configurations according to needs

Up to 4x MPPT trackers*

Adjustments made in the workshop

Addition over time of solar panels and/or batteries*

Compliant with UTE safety standards (712-2 and 712-3)

*depending on configuration

self-sufficient solar system SUNCONNECT
nickel iron battery

Edison Nickel-Iron battery, the indestructible.

Edison Nickel-Iron batteries, in more than 100 years, have still not been equaled in terms of robustness and longevity. Devoid of strategic metals, electronic cards (BMS), 100% recyclable and reconditionable by changing the electrolyte, their low-tech design gives them record durability.

Lifespan > 30 years

Total recyclability and low impact


Low-tech design without rare metals or BMS


Lithium Titanate (LTO) batteries. Unique in every way.

Endowed with exceptional endurance, and withstanding extreme conditions of use, Zenaji Aeon lithium titanate batteries represent the elite of the lithium-ion battery, offering levels of performance and safety unmatched on the market.

High power (1800W continuous per module, 1C)

Tropicalized (IP65), molded aluminum case.

Insensitive to extreme temperatures (-30°C / + 50°C)

100% safe (non-flammable)

More than 20 cycles at 000% discharge


Precise sizing of your system.

We can integrate your energy consumption history into our software models, in order to offer you a solar system sized exactly according to your needs.

autarkic solar systems

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