Custom self-sufficient solar systems, covering all types of power and capacity needs, for partial or total autonomy, with a range of batteries unique in Europe.

Plug n play stand-alone solar systems.

SUNCONNECT self-sufficient solar system

Our stand-alone solar systems (SSA) SUN.CONNECT® plug n play meet all types of electrical needs in total autonomy (isolated sites) or hybrid single-phase (up to 10 kVA) and three-phase (up to 30 kVA). They are available on plates or in pre-assembled and pre-wired cabinets, for easy deployment on site.

Pre-programmed in the workshop according to the applications

Compliance with safety standards (UTE / Consuel)

Easy installation

100% safe (integrated surge arresters, fuses & circuit breakers)

Up to 4x MPPT trackers (optional)

Real-time system monitoring

On video
self-sufficient solar system SUNCONNECT

Secure your long-term energy independence.

Our autonomous solar systems combine solar panels with a Victron battery inverter (for hybrid systems). By adding batteries, the system behaves like a mini electrical network, allowing you to operate in energy self-sufficiency and ensure your energy independence over the long term.

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